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Land Use & Property Law, PLLC, is a boutique law firm located in Gig Harbor which focuses exclusively on land use and property law.  Because each of the firm’s attorneys has over 30 years of experience addressing such areas, they are able to efficiently and economically address complex problems facing individuals, developers, corporations, and small businesses associated with property ownership in a quickly changing regulatory environment.  The firm has well-established expertise addressing all phases of land use permitting and subdivision approvals, zoning, environmental law, the Shoreline Management Act, the Growth Management Act, government enforcement actions, property rights, easements, boundary disputes, and nuisance actions.  The firm also represents homeowners’ associations (HOAs) as well as assisting association members interpret covenants and bylaws.  Our firm also assists clients with water rights and well permits.  The firm provides quality legal services at affordable rates.

The firm represents clients throughout the Puget Sound Region, including but not limited to Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Bremerton, Everett, Marysville, Federal Way, Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Mill Creek, Bainbridge Island, Lakewood, DuPont, Puyallup, Tillicum, Kingston, Kirkland, Edmonds, and other communities in Pierce County, Snohomish County and King County.




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Our firm has extensive experience navigating through the complexities of land use permitting processes.  We help clients to cut through the red tape and address arbitrary government actions that delay the permitting process.

We assist clients with obtaining all types of zoning permits as well as mining permits.  The firm also has expertise about reducing the costs and delays associated with zoning and permitting issues to allow individuals and businesses to move forward with their plans.

The firm has substantial experience with the complexities of the Shoreline Management Act and Critical Area regulations.  Our firm also assists clients in addressing the local, state and federal regulation of wetlands, and advocates for their property rights.

We also protect the rights of clients being targeted by a government penalty or enforcement action.

The firm also addresses issues arising under the Forest Practices Act including assisting clients with getting permits, as well as administrative appeals to the Pollution Control Hearings Board.

The firm advises clients about all phases of real property development and obtaining government permits to operate businesses.
The firm protects property rights from excessive government regulation.  Our firm aggressively protects clients’ constitutional rights, and has considerable experience in state and federal courts, including appellate courts, litigating such issues.  

The firm assists clients with disputes pertaining to boundaries, easements, nuisance conditions (e.g., aesthetic blight, noise, odors), wells, water rights, trespass, waste (illegal tree cutting), and adverse possession claims.

As property owners - both individuals and businesses - find out every day, simply owning property does not mean they have full control over using their land.  Most property owners do not give issues such as boundary lines and water rights a second thought until a dispute arises that threatens their property rights and freedom to enjoy their home or business property.  

The firm assists clients with resolving such disputes, whether through a negotiated settlement, mediation, or litigation.
The firm has expertise in assisting homeowners’ associations with drafting covenants (CC&Rs), and bylaws, as well as representing the HOA or its members in a lawsuit. We also assist HOA members with interpreting covenants and bylaws.

Our firm can also assist the HOA members faced with an enforcement action based on noncompliance with covenants.
Mediation is a very effective method of resolving disputes with a neighbor over boundaries, easements, nuisance conditions, trespasses, or adverse possession claims.

Mediating a dispute avoids the high cost of litigation and the hostility that ensues after a protracted dispute with one’s neighbor.  A lawsuit with a neighbor has the potential to diminish the peace, solitude and enjoyment associated with one’s home.  Mediation offers the advantage of resolving a potentially acrimonious dispute promptly, and perhaps preserving a more amiable relationship between the parties.

Unlike a lawsuit, which can go on for over a year, mediation can resolve a dispute is a single day.  It gives individuals control over the resolution of their dispute, rather than relinquishing such control to a judge or jury.  Mediation allows individuals to approve the resolution of the dispute, unlike litigation.

Jane Koler and Mark Adams are both trained mediators, and each attorney has over 30 years of experience.  And Mark Adams is currently an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
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